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Info to help you maintain a drug-free work environment.


Medical News Today
Fri, 2012-02-10

Highlights: Researchers conclude that consumption of cannabis impairs motor tasks important to safe driving, and that it increases the chance of collisions.

State of California, Office of Traffic Safety
Sat, 2011-11-19

Highlights: Drugs that can affect driving were found in one of every seven weekend nighttime drivers in California, according to the first-ever statewide roadside survey of alcohol and drug use by drivers. The survey results announced today by the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) showed more drivers tested positive for drugs that may impair driving (14 percent) than did for alcohol (7.3 percent). Of the drugs, marijuana was most prevalent, at 7.4 percent, slightly more than alcohol.

The Partnership at
Mon, 2011-06-13

Highlights: Employees in Washington state can be fired if they fail a drug test, even if they have a medical marijuana authorization from a physician, the state's Supreme Court has ruled.

DFBS note: Regardless of state law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug with no accepted medical uses under federal law.

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