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Info to help you maintain a drug-free work environment.

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USA Today
Wed, 2012-07-11

Highlights: This rise of Opana abuse illustrates the adaptability of drug addicts and the never-ending challenge facing law enforcement authorities, addiction specialists and pharmaceutical companies. Just when they think they have curbed abuse and stopped trafficking of one drug, another fills the void. Opana's dangerous new popularity arose when OxyContin's manufacturer changed its formula to deter users from crushing, breaking or dissolving the pill so it could be snorted or injected to achieve a high.
Wed, 2012-05-23

Highlights: The ADA defines 'illegal drug use' by reference to federal, rather than state, law, and federal law does not authorize the plaintiff's medical marijuana use. Doctor-supervised marijuana use is an illegal use of drugs not covered by the ADA's supervised use exception.

DFBS note: Especially if you operate in a state that permits medical marijuana use, make sure employees know that employers have the right to prohibit, test, and enforce consequences for marijuana.

Workers | Marijuana
The Partnership at
Thu, 2012-05-10

Highlights: Use of drugs, particularly cocaine and methamphetamine, is on the decline in the United States, according to U.S. National Drug Control Policy Director R. Gil Kerlikowske.

Amphetamines | Cocaine
The Partnership at
Fri, 2012-02-17

Highlights: This second article of a two-part series provides additional arguments against marijuana legalization.

The Partnership at
Tue, 2012-02-14

Highlights: There is no doubt that medical marijuana is a controversial and complex issue. The author attempts to break down several of the more complicated issues, once and for all, in this two-part series.

Occupational Health and Safety
Mon, 2012-02-13

Highlights: Drivers who consume marijuana within three hours of driving are nearly twice as likely to cause a vehicle collision as those who are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

DFBS note: A fact employees probably need to know.

Medical News Today
Fri, 2012-02-10

Highlights: Researchers conclude that consumption of cannabis impairs motor tasks important to safe driving, and that it increases the chance of collisions.

Sun, 2012-02-05

Highlights: Oxycodone abuse progresses quickly, devastating families and destroying addicts.

The Partnership at
Mon, 2012-01-23

Highlights: Methamphetamine use, which was on the decline until recently, appears to be increasing due to Mexican drug cartels and small U.s. drug producers.

DFBS notes: Remember, workplaces are part of communities. If it's in the community, then look for it in the workplace.

Mon, 2011-11-21

Highlights: The chemicals used to make meth are believed to cause cancer, brain damage and birth defects ... The gas from those chemicals adheres to most everything in a house. Years after the meth lab is dismantled and the suspects go to jail, the toxic waste remains.

DFBS note: Might be useful for your employees to know as the housing market picks up.

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