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Info to help you maintain a drug-free work environment.

Medication misuse

The Partnership at
Wed, 2012-07-11

Highlights: The rise in popularity of the painkiller Opana illustrates the challenges facing law enforcement ... Opana misuse became more common after the company that makes OxyContin reformulated the drug to make it more difficult to abuse.

DFBS note: Illegal drug markets adapt quickly. Keep up with trends to anticipate what you may see in your workforce.

The Partnership at
Wed, 2012-07-11

Highlights: Accidental and intentional misuse of prescription medications among the elderly is a particular concern.

DFBS note: Pay attention to if you have an older workforce, or you provide retiree healthcare.

Risk and Insurance
Tue, 2012-07-03

Highlights: The U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas granted summary judgment to an employer on an operator's claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. According to this court, the ADA's definition of an employee with a disability does not include an individual engaging in the illegal misuse of prescription painkillers.

The Partnership at
Wed, 2012-04-25

Highlights: A new national survey finds people who abuse prescription painkiller for the first time often get their pills for free from family or friends.

DFBS note: Communicate this to your employees to help prevent drug abuse problems.

The Wall Street Journal
Wed, 2012-04-25

Highlights: Nearly two out of three Americans don’t follow their doctor’s orders properly when taking prescription drugs ... Enough painkillers were prescribed in 2010 to medicate every U.S. adult around the clock for a month.

DFBS note: Do your employees know what constitutes illegal prescription medication use? And what your testing policy says about notification? do your supervisors know what they can and cannot ask about employees' medication use?

Sun, 2012-02-05

Highlights: Oxycodone abuse progresses quickly, devastating families and destroying addicts.

Risk and insurance
Fri, 2011-10-14

Highlights: The majority of studies show growth and negative results of opioid use -- but is there anything that can be done to begin to reverse these trends or proactively identify which claims are about to head down the wrong path?The answer is yes, but the solutions require extensive analysis combined with a comprehensive strategy.

Painkillers | Opiates
EHS Today
Wed, 2011-10-12

Highlights: Hydrocodone and oxycodone remain the most detected prescription opiates in the general U.S. work force, and random drug tests for the two drugs find nearly double the positives for employees than are found in pre-employment screenings.

DFBS note: Have you communicated to your employees the health and safety risks, and employment consequences, of abusing prescription narcotics?

The Partnership at
Mon, 2011-10-03

Highlights: The arrest of 37 people on drug charges at a Boeing aircraft plant last week puts the spotlight on the increasing problem of prescription drug abuse in the workplace

DFBS note: As always, if it's happening in the community it will affect the workplace.

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