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Can you benefit from partnering?

Lots of companies already do.

Marketing partners generate revenue, strengthen customer relationships, and differentiate themselves from competitors. They promote, sell, and/or deliver our training for commissions, revenue shares, or discounted pricing. Some private label our courses.

Prospective partner

Referral partner Reseller Product partner Certified instructor

Drug and alcohol testing

C/TPA C/TPA-referral partner C/TPA-reseller C/TPA-product partner C/TPA-certified instructor
Testing supply company Testing supply company-referral partner Testing supply company-reseller Testing supply company-product partner
Drug testing laboratory Drug testing laboratory-referral partner Drug testing laboratory-reseller

Workplace health and wellness

Occupational health provider Occupational health provider-referral partner Occupational health provider-reseller
Employee assistance professionals EAP-referral partner EAP reseller EAP-certified instructor
Substance abuse professionals SAP-referral partner

Workplace training

Trainer Trainer-certified instructor
Online course provider Online course provider-reseller
LMS vendor * LMS vendor-reseller

Workplace safety, risk management, compliance

Workers' comp carriers / brokers Workers' comp carriers / brokers-referral partner
Environmental health and safety cos. Environmental health and safety companies-referral partner


Industry and employer associations Industry and employer associations-referral partner Industry and employer associations-reseller
Trade associations Trade associations-referral partner Trade associations-reseller

*LMS stands for learning management system.