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FMCSA supervisor drug and alcohol training

Select the Basic or Advanced FMCSA supervisor training program. Both are designed to meet the FMCSA's two-hour supervisor training requirement.

Compare FMCSA supervisor training programs

Compare courses in the DOT FMCSA supervisor Basic and Advanced drug and alcohol training programs.

Course ID Course Title Basic Advanced
C7SN-01 You, Trained and Ready
C7SN-02 DOT Testing and You
C1EN-01 DOT FMCSA Testing Program Scope
C1EN-02 FMCSA Violations and Consequences  
C7SN-05 DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing  
C7SN-03 Determining Reasonable Suspicion
C7TI-01 The Facts About Alcohol
C7TJ-01 Drug Control, Marijuana and Cocaine
C7TJ-02 Amphetamines, Opiates and PCP
C7SN-04 DOT Reasonable Suspicion Testing
C1SN-03 Other FMCSA Testing Situations  
C1DN-02 DOT FMCSA Return to Duty