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About the training

Drug and alcohol education and training for the workplace - that's what we do. And that's all we do. So we craft our courses to be the best. Here's how.

Course design

Learners benefit from our attention to course design. Plus it separates us from the competition.

Interactive ...

In our courses learners don't just view, they do. We engage learners through custom-built exercises, scenarios and animations. In fact, some learners say our courses are actually fun!

... With a purpose

We don't use gimmicky, interactive widgets to be "flashy." We do interactivity with a purpose: to introduce new ideas by challenging current knowledge; to allow learners to discover and apply facts; and to reinforce learning.

Visually appealing

Learners will feel comfortable with the courses’ clean look and feel. Navigation is straightforward, intuitive and consistent from course to course. Eye-catching graphics reinforce course content.

Brief, convenient courses

Our courses are brief – 15 to 30 minutes. And each course includes multiple lessons. Learners can stop and return when they wish, which maximizes the time available for training.

Modular, purpose-built programs

Courses are assembled into programs to meet specific federal, state and corporate training requirements for content and seat-time. The courses in each program are sequential; later courses build on previous courses.

Instructionally sound

Each course has clear learning objectives. Interactivity keeps learners engaged and improves knowledge retention. Brief courses and lessons allow learning in small chunks. Limited narration helps keep learners engaged without rendering them passive.