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Individual DFWP courses

Each drug-free workplace (DFWP) training program includes two or more courses, assembled for a specific training purpose. Individual courses are built around learning objectives for a particular audience.

Courses for supervisors

Individual courses for supervisors in a drug-free workplace. Click the title to learn about a course.

This course explains the roles and specific responsibilities of supervisors in a drug-free workplace (DFWP), and how to get the most from the training.

This course examines the problem of workplace substance abuse and the benefits of drug-free workplace (DFWP) programs, preparing supervisors to explain and support these programs.

This course gives supervisors an in-depth look at four common testing situations: job applicant, post-accident, post-rehabilitation, and routine fitness-for-duty testing.

This course trains supervisors how to determine if reasonable suspicion testing is warranted according to observable evidence.

This course provides supervisors with accurate, up-to-date information about indicators of current drug and alcohol use.

This course provides supervisors a step-by-step approach for initiating and following through with reasonable suspicion testing.

This course provides supervisors a step-by-step process to resolve work performance problems in a drug-free environment.

This course explores two barriers that supervisors must overcome to effectively confront an employee about a substance use or other workplace issue.

This course helps supervisors confront an employee about a substance use or other work performance problem.