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About the training

Drug and alcohol education and training for the workplace - that's what we do. And that's all we do. So we craft our courses to be the best. Here's how.

Delivery formats

All of our programs and courses are available in two self-paced formats: online and CD-ROM. Some programs are also available in instructor-led formats: classroom materials and webinar. Training content is the same in each format.


Online and CD-ROM training are asynchronous – learners access courses when and where they choose, and learn individually at their own pace without being tied to a class schedule. Self-paced training can reduce downtime and lost production, and eliminate travel expenses, lowering total training cost.


Learners access courses via the Internet or an internal network using a web browser with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Courses are delivered and tracked through a learning management system (LMS).


Learners access the training via CD-ROM; a network connection is not required. Learners view the training through a web browser with Adobe's Flash Player plug-in. Without a network connection or LMS, however, training completions are not automatically tracked. CD’s can be shared among learners.


Instructor-led training is synchronous training, led by a trainer and held at a set place and time.


Trainers can purchase training materials and conduct classroom sessions for learners. Materials include a CD-ROM disk with the course files as well as an Instructor’s Guide in a printable format. Instructors deliver the courses using an LCD projector. We offer instructor training as well as certified instructors trained in delivering our courses.


We can also deliver training through webinars. We can set up a webinar to meet your schedule.