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About the training

Drug and alcohol education and training for the workplace - that's what we do. And that's all we do. So we craft our courses to be the best. Here's how.

Training administration

Deliver our online courses through your own learning management system (LMS). Or we can provide the LMS.

What’s an LMS?

An LMS is a software application for delivering online courses and tracking learner performance. When learners log onto an LMS they enter a "school" where they can see their course assignments and select and take courses. Managers can review learners’ progress through online reports.


Our online courses are designed to run on any LMS that is SCORM 1.2 compliant. SCORM is the Shareable Content Object Reference Model, a standard for the interoperability and reusability of online courseware. The Advanced Distance Learning group, sponsored by the United States Department of Defense, created SCORM to encourage the standardization of learning management systems.

Which LMS?

We can offer several systems for delivering our courses online. For instance, we have agreements with Intellum for its Exceed LMS and with Ziiva for its Prosperity LMS. Both are full-featured, cloud-based systems. Several of our marketing partners also provide learning management systems for their clients.

Technical requirements

Our courses are developed in Adobe Flash. Online and CD-ROM viewing requires a browser and the Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in that comes standard on most computers. The Flash Player is also a simple and safe download.