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About the training

Drug and alcohol education and training for the workplace - that's what we do. And that's all we do. So we craft our courses to be the best. Here's how.

Training content

They say "content is king." It certainly rules our courses. Just take a look inside.

Current, accurate information

A lot of what people "know" about alcohol and drugs isn't true. So our courses include accurate, up-to-date information from academic and government sources to help learners make smart decisions. Learners can view the data sources for each course.

No "fluff"

Our courses are tightly structured and concisely written. They introduce concepts and facts logically and systematically, with consistent terminology and style. Learners sense they are learning according to a logical plan.

Extensive catalog

Some employers face ongoing drug and alcohol training requirements. Our extensive catalog allows learners to take new courses each year.