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Individual DOT courses

DOT training programs for employees, supervisors and DERs typically include several courses. Each course is designed around specific learning objectives and included in programs to meet particular learning needs.

C4SN-02: DOT USCG Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Instruction: Course
Authority: DOT USCG
Audience: Supervisor

This course presents a four-step process for DOT USCG reasonable suspicion testing. And stresses accurate, timely documentation and strict confidentiality.

Learning objectives

Learners who complete this course will be prepared to:

  1. Remove the suspected employee from safety-sensitive duties
  2. Confront the employee with contemporaneous and articulable observations
  3. Test the employee for reasonable suspicion, if warranted, without delay
  4. Act on the test results in accord with the employer's DOT testing policy


This course is included in the following programs.

P4SB-01: Basic USCG Supervisor Training