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Individual DFWP courses

Each drug-free workplace (DFWP) training program includes two or more courses, assembled for a specific training purpose. Individual courses are built around learning objectives for a particular audience.

CAEC-01: Drug-Free Workplace Programs and Policies

Instruction: Course
Authority: DFWP
Audience: Employee

This course examines the problem of community and workplace substance abuse and explains how drug-free workplace (DFWP) programs can reduce costs and risks.

Learning objectives

Learners who complete this course will be prepared to:

  1. Explain how substance misuse affects all of us
  2. Explain how drug-free workplace programs help employers and workers
  3. Discuss the components of a typical drug-free workplace program
  4. Identify key elements of substance abuse policy
  5. Recognize the types of assistance companies might offer to employees


This course is included in the following programs.

PAE1-01: Working Drug Free