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Individual DFWP courses

Each drug-free workplace (DFWP) training program includes two or more courses, assembled for a specific training purpose. Individual courses are built around learning objectives for a particular audience.

CAFI-02: Alcohol Myths and Misinformation

Instruction: Course
Authority: DFWP
Audience: All DFWP

This drug-free workplace (DFWP) course dispels common myths about alcohol that can increase the risks of drinking.

Learning objectives

Learners who complete this course will be prepared to:

  1. Give examples of how alcohol misuse affects everyone, not just drinkers
  2. Describe how the body absorbs and distributes alcohol, which is different from digesting food
  3. Discuss how and when intoxication occurs
  4. Explain how the body eliminates alcohol, and dispel some common myths about getting sober