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Individual DFWP courses

Each drug-free workplace (DFWP) training program includes two or more courses, assembled for a specific training purpose. Individual courses are built around learning objectives for a particular audience.

CBPN-01: Georgia DFWP Roles and Responsibilities

Instruction: Course
Authority: DFWP/GA
Audience: Administrator

This course for Georgia drug-free workplace (DFWP) program administrators examines workplace substance abuse, the purpose of a DFWP, and the roles and responsibilities of program participants.

Learning objectives

Learners who complete this course will be prepared to:

  1. Discuss the problem of alcohol misuse and substance abuse in communities and workplaces
  2. Explain how DFWP programs help reduce the costs and risks of workplace alcohol and drug use
  3. Explain the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, employees and the program administrator in a Georgia DFWP


This course is included in the following programs.

PBPB-01: Administering a Georgia DFWP